1 BHK Full Home – Platinum Pacakage

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Service Includes

Floor cleaning using industry grade machines

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Wet –vacuuming and shampooing of sofa, carpet and dry vacuuming of curtains

All room cleaning including cob-web removal and dusting of all items

Includes hard to reach area,s such as balcony , fan and windows

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of bathroom floor & tiles

Stain removal from WC, washbasin

Includes taps and fixture shining

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Cleaning of Kitchen tiles, slabs and floor

Interior cleaning of trolleys and shelves

Includes exhaust , sink and gas stoves cleaning

Room and Living Room Cleaning

Wet –vacuuming and shampooning of sofa, carpet and dry vacuuming of curtains

Room cleaning includes dusting & wiping of all furniture and décor items

Includes door and window cleaning

Tough, s Area

Includes balcony cleaning

Includes fan and window cleaning

Includes co-web removal

Benefits- Through cleaning of all area,s of the house. Removal of embedded dirt and grimme. Give your home a refreshing new look

Equipment Used- Single disc machine for floor scrubbing . Vacuuming Machine. Industry grade chemical for stain removal

Exclusion- Kitchen –Doesn’t include removing & placing back utensils. Does not include appliance cleaning such as fridge, microwave, etc


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