4 BHK Full Home – Essential Package [ for empty house]

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People: 3-4 / Duration: 5-6 hours

Service Includes

Floor cleaning using industry grade machines

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Dry –vacuuming  of sofa, carpet and  curtains

All room cleaning including cob-web removal and dusting of all items

Includes hard to reach area,s such as balcony , fan and windows

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of bathroom floor & tiles

Stain removal from WC, washbasin

Includes taps and fixture shining

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Cleaning of Kitchen tiles, slabs and floor

Interior cleaning of trolleys and shelves

Includes exhaust , sink and gas stoves cleaning

Other Details

Cleaning of all doors and windows

Cleaning of hard to reach area, s such as fans , balconies

Includes dusting and cob-web removal from all area,s

Tough, s Area

Includes balcony cleaning

Includes fan and window cleaning

Includes co-web removal

Benefits- Through cleaning of all area,s of the house. Removal of embedded dirt and grimme. Give your home a refreshing new look

Equipment Used- Single disc machine for floor scrubbing . Vacuuming Machine. Industry grade chemical for stain removal

Instruction- This package is only for “ Empty House” with no furniture



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