Up to 130-180 Cover Restaurant,s Kitchen

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  • Manpower- 7+1 ( Associates+ Supervisor) Fully Trained Stewarding Expert.
  • Cleaning Supplies- From Diversy
  • Equipment- Jet pressure Machine
  • Customer to provide- Gas Stove Cylinder + Big Container for decarbonizing purpose.
  • Cleaning

  • Cleaning of Hood and Filter (Inside Duct Cleaning is not included)
  • Cleaning of wall tiles, corners.
  • Cleaning of working tables.
  • Cleaning of Chopping/ Plastic Cutting Board
  • Cleaning of Tandoor outside with ash removing
  • Cleaning of Deep Fat Fryer, Salamander, Gas Ranges, Toaster, Microwave and other equipment
  • Utensils Cleaning is not covered.
  • Cleaning of Diswashing Machine , Descaling of dishwashing the machine
  • Cleaning of Floors.
  • Cleaning of Kitchen Sink<./li>
  • Cleaning of Garbage Bins.
  • Cleaning Drain and Drain Jali.
  • Ceiling cleaning is not done
  • All food items to be removed and kept at secure place by customer during cleaning

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